OnPoint@Home is a different kind of work-at-home experience, combining the convenience of working from home with many of the advantages of a traditional office environment. Our Independent Contractors work on exciting and interesting projects, and they do so from the comfort of their own homesóit's the best of both worlds. And unlike most work-at-home opportunitiesólow-paying, sales-based jobs where you're just another identification number-OnPoint@Home offers challenging, rewarding projects and a dynamic group environment.

What sets OnPoint@Home apart from other work-at-home opportunities?

  • No sales or fundraising calls! We do not solicit donations or attempt to sell products.
  • All calls are outbound! No more sitting by the phone waiting for a potential lead to call.
  • Higher base pay! OnPoint offers a per project rate and compensation is not based on sales quotas or number of calls dialed.
  • Exciting projects! OnPoint uses cutting-edge technology and works on issues straight out of the front-page headlines. We also offer you a chance to express your creativity through writing assignments.
  • Rewarding work! Our Advocacy Coordinators engage citizens on important issues facing America.

Please check to ensure that you meet the technical requirements.